How to get Chocolate Stain out of Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning East London, is a company specialized in carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and other related services. In this article, we would like to give some tips and advice on how to get chocolate stains out of the carpet. We all know that the carpet is so prone to all kinds of stains such as dust, oil, and paint. Carpet is prone to stains because it exposes to people as it is on the floor that keeps on walking every day.

Especially, if the house has kids carpet will get lots of stains. Kids always play and are not aware of what they are doing. Below are steps on how to get chocolate stains out of the carpet.

DIY Steps to Clean Chocolate Stains

First things first, is there is a stain in the carpet act on it right away. The longer it stays there the harder to remove chocolate stains from the carpet.

To remove the chocolate stains is to scrape excess chocolate. If the chocolate is a bit liquid it needs to let it hard by chilling it with ice cubes. When already hard, get a knife and scrape it. Put on a piece of paper and throw, after scraping kneed to clean the knife as well get rid of spreading the chocolate stains.

The next step is to check the kind of carpet, it is important to know the kind of carpet because it has certain cleaning technique needed. For instance, if the carpet is made of natural materials like grass, sisal, or wool can be damaged by too much liquid. If not sure what technique or kind of carpet you have better to call carpet cleaning experts.

In the earlier cleaning advice, it needs to test the carpet can’t bleach with carpet stain removal solution.

Firstly before cleaning the carpet, put a clean cloth over the chocolate stains with alcohol. Using a spoon press it, alcohol will take away the fat from chocolate that will make it a lot easier to remove the chocolate stained area.

Then use with the detergent soap clean the affected area. With the damp clean cloth and press it over the affected area.

Press the area to remove the extra liquid.

Put a clean white cloth to let the area dry, for quick dry put some weights over the clean white cloth.

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